Programmatic at Westfield

BrandSpace is constantly innovating to create meaningful connections between brands, retailers and the Westfield customer.  

Programmatic technology, launched mid-2021, adds a new layer of value to the BrandSpace SmartScreen network, offering enhanced levels of performance on digital advertising campaigns. With every SmartScreen across AUNZ markets enabled to plan and buy programmatically, brands can experience the benefits of targeting REAL audiences, making REAL impressions, and delivering REAL results, at scale.  

BrandSpace delivers an unmatched customer experience with the benefits of Programmatic buying  
  • Granular and bespoke audience targeting 
  • Integrated omnichannel executions across digital buys 
  • Data driven targeting, including time of day, day of week etc.  
  • Qualified impressions through real watcher data  
  • Flexible, real-time scheduling  
  • Absolute transparency with measurable and real time reporting  

Programmatic at Westfield is accessible through all pDOOH enabled DSPs via our chosen, market-leading providers Hivestack and Vistar. 

For more information and to understand how Programmatic at Westfield can deliver REAL results for your brand, please contact us using the link below.