Marketing Services

The Westfield shopping environment offers a dynamic range of marketing opportunities. Each centre has a dedicated team of marketing experts who actively promote their centre via Seasonal Programs and Tactical Initiatives to drive customer visitation.

The range of solutions include digital media, online and in-centre marketing platforms that are leveraged across the year to promote centre-led events and activities, seasonal campaigns, tactical activities. Teams also consult with retailers to help devise and/or amplify retailer marketing activity leveraging a mix of complimentary and paid solutions.

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Seasonal Programs

Our annual calendar of season-based and occasion-based campaigns, promotions and events help our retailers reach and engage with a broader range of Westfield customers.

Programs include seasonal fashion, key sales periods such as toy sale and EOFY plus seasonal events such as Back to School, Chinese New Year, Easter, Mother's and Father's Day, Halloween and Christmas.

We encourage all retailers to consider participation either through product placement within our owned media channels, visual merchandising or in-centre events.

Tactical Initiatives

Tactical initiatives are utilised within centres to drive higher engagement and dwell time from customers and are often aligned to Seasonal Programs.

Initiatives include immersive customer experiences such as cooking demonstrations and food tastings, children’s entertainment and fashion and home styling advice.

Range of solutions

Within the Westfield retail environment we offer a range of digital, online and experience platforms, along with our SmartScreen & SuperScreen digital media advertising network to help retailers and brands engage and connect with Westfield customers.

Our highly visible digital advertising screen network of SmartScreens and SuperScreens are available to retailers via inclusion in Westfield branded activity or exclusively leveraging paid opportunities.

The Westfield website embraces the energy and vibrancy of our centres and offers retailers opportunities to promote their store and other marketing activities via their own 'digital storefront'. Retailers can also access paid advertising opportunities on the website.

Centre specific newsletters & social channels provide opportunities for retailers to work with local marketing teams to promote special offers, promotions or store wide events.

Visual merchandising within centre is a strong brand and product awareness tool used throughout the year in conjunction with Category Programs, we encourage retailer involvement and will work with you to find the most appropriate opportunities.

In-centre events are a regular feature within Westfield shopping centres and help drive higher customer visitation.  Local teams work directly with our retailers to include them in activity and align in-store offers, sales or events.